This Family Of Ducks Get A Police Escort Every Year

This Mama Duck Has Become A Local Celebrity

Year after year in Charlottetown, Canada, traffic at one of the busiest intersections comes to a halt. And it’s all so one mama duck, who’s been dubbed Lucy, can escort her newest flock of ducklings back home!

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Credit: Facebook / Heather Warren

Every year, Lucy takes a break from the wildlife and builds a temporary nest in the garden department of the city’s Superstore! She sets up shop there for a few weeks — just long enough to lay her eggs and wait for them to hatch.

The store manager and employees are more than happy to accommodate the mama duck. They all look after her, providing her with food and putting up signs around the trees where Lucy has made her nest, saying that the plants have been sold.

Though, sometimes Lucy’s little ducklings like to do a bit of exploring!

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This year, Lucy hatched 7 little cuties! And once they’re ready, it’s time to head back the marsh where they belong. It’s become an annual event, and the Charlottetown Police are always there to make sure the mama duck and her ducklings make it home safely — something they say they don’t mind doing one bit!

“We needed to assist with traffic as her and her ducklings crossed University Avenue, probably one of the busiest intersections in Charlottetown by the Burger King and then on to the marsh in the back of University Avenue,” said Cpl. Sean Coombs.

No one knows exactly why Lucy chooses to have her babies at the store each year. But one thing’s for sure — the entire city looks forward to seeing this mama duck every Spring!

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