Police Pay A Visit To A 94-Year-Old Grandma, And Her Reaction Is Priceless

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When Betty Helmuth heard a knock at the door, she never expected to find the police on the other side. But with Hurricane Irma making its way to Florida, the Clearwater police stopped by to bring the 94-year-old grandma hurricane supplies. And her reaction is just priceless!

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Credit: Facebook/Clearwater Police Department

Betty’s granddaughter, Rachel Copeland, experienced the devastation of Hurricane Harvey firsthand. It left 75% of the Texas town where she lives underwater.

So, when she saw Hurricane Irma heading towards Florida, she couldn’t help but worry about her 94-year-old grandma in Clearwater.

Betty lives all by herself and no longer drives. It left Rachel questioning how on earth her sweet little granny would prepare for the dangerous weather headed her way.

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Rachel took to Facebook and reached out to the Clearwater Police Department. She was hoping they would be kind enough to make some suggestions on how Rachel could help her grandma prepare. She had no idea the big-hearted officers would take her 94-year-old grandma hurricane supplies all on their own!

Open Up, It’s The Police

Four officers from the Clearwater Police Department showed up a Betty’s door. They brought the 94-year-old grandma hurricane supplies of all sorts: water, food, flashlights, etc. Of course, the officers were there to make Betty smile. But her joy had the boys in blue grinning from ear to ear!

WATCH: Precious Reaction When Police Bring 94-Year-Old Grandma Hurricane Supplies

And while Betty was tickled by the visit, her precious reaction made these heroes the big winners of the day!

“I love you, I love you, I love you,” Betty gushed, giving each officer a kiss. “God bless you, oh God bless you!”

WATCH: 94-Year-Old Grandma Can’t Stop Thanking Police For Hurricane Supplies

Betty definitely appreciated the supplies, but she was also thrilled to entertain such good looking fellas!

“You’re all so handsome,” she raved.

The surprise visit was such a blessing to Betty. But it also meant so much to her loved ones who couldn’t get there to help.

“I really can't say how amazing they were,” Betty’s granddaughter, Rachel, says. “She’s still talking about how good-looking they are. They're seriously all of our heroes.”

While some water did come into Betty’s living room, she otherwise fared just fine during Hurricane Irma. And now she has some very special friends keeping an eye out for

h/t: Facebook

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