94-Yr-Old Frail Grandma Missed Wedding, They Re-married Just for Her

94-Yr-Old Frail Grandma Missed Wedding, They Re-married Just for Her _ nanny peggy baily _ god updates

Granny couldn’t make their wedding, so this couple came up with a plan. They worked with the retirement home to get re-married there so Nanny could attend!

When their 94-yr-old granny couldn’t make their wedding, the bride and groom were devastated. Clare and Tom Harrison really wanted to have their grandmother, Peggy Baily or “Nanny” at their wedding ceremony. But as the days drew closer to the event, they realized it wouldn’t be possible. Peggy’s health had weakened and the travel from her town to the big city was too much.

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The formal wedding ceremony was held as planned in August, but it was missing their very special guest. That’s when the couple decided to re-create their wedding at Peggy’s retirement home, Red Oaks. The staff at Red Oaks were excited to help plan the big event and see Peggy’s reaction.

Re-Married Just For Nanny

Everyone attending agreed to wear the exact outfits they wore to the first wedding. Present were a host of family members including Peggy’s two daughters and their grandchildren. In the second ceremony, the wedding rings were blessed with the family looking on.

Red Oaks' general manager Linda Ryan said:

"It was an absolute pleasure to host the blessing of the rings…The activities manager provided a full make-over and our administrator became the photographer for the day."

Nanny Peggy was able to wear her best outfit and the group took photos together to commemorate the special day. Afterwards, they shared a wedding buffet to celebrate.

"It was all so much appreciated and we all thought Nannie looked very lovely. We all have some wonderful memories and photos to see." Peggy’s daughter, Lesley shared.


A Piece Of Family History

Interestingly enough, during the course of the second ceremony the family learned a valuable piece of family history. Their August wedding ceremony was held at the Wilton Music Hall. The same location that Nanny Peggy’s father performed as a dancer in the 1920’s! At the time of the planning, no one knew this information. The couple had chosen the Hall due to their personal connections with it and were unaware of past family ties. What a special memory!

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