Grandma’s Two Sisters Lovingly Help Her With Her Hair While She Is Ill

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There is no closer relationship than a relationship between sisters. And this grandma is blessed to have her two sisters.

Having a sister to do life with means all the more fun. But having a sister who will always be there through difficult times is priceless. And this 97-year-old grandma has two who are there for her when she needs it most.

She is in hospice and fortunately, she is in the comfort of her own home. She is struggling with her health and is not able to make sure her hair is well kept. But that is not a problem because her sisters are there to take care of it for her.

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The three sisters are all in their 90's and when they were growing up they all agreed that they will make sure each other looks pretty even until the very end. And that promise is definitely being fulfilled as she sits up in her hospital bed.

She is staying perfectly still so that her two sisters can brush her beautiful, white hair. They reassure her that she looks good and they make sure they tame every single strand. It is so cute to watch them be very particular about making sure her bangs look the way she always wore it. What a blessing this moment was. And I’m so glad someone captured it!

WATCH: Grandma’s Two Sisters Style Her Hair

Credit: Humankind

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