Photo Of Grandpa Doing Grandma’s Hair Shows True Love In Real Life

Grandpa Fixing Grandma’s Hair: True Love In Real Life

Romantic movies would have you believe that true love can only be expressed by way of elaborate, romantic gestures — flash mobs, airport surprises and the like. But a simple photo of a loving grandpa fixing grandma’s hair proves otherwise!

Now, there’s nothing wrong with those larger than life declarations. They are special moments, for sure.

But go ahead and talk to those who’ve been in the love game for a while — like say a marriage spanning multiple decades. They’ll tell you it’s the little things that add up to a lifetime of love.

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In Sickness And In Health

Amy Pennington is the woman to thank for the precious photo that’s gone viral on Twitter. Amy’s grandma had to have surgery on her wrist. As a result, she was unable to fix her own hair. And we all know how important it is for a girl to make sure her hair is styled! 😉

Not to worry. Grandpa came to the rescue. And when Amy saw her grandpa fixing grandma’s hair so lovingly, she just had to snap a photo (or two). She shared the adorable pictures on Twitter with the caption,

“My grandma had surgery on her wrist and couldn’t do her own hair so my grandpa did it for her. Cuteness overload.”

Well, she wasn’t the only one completely smitten by the loving moment! Her post has since been retweeted 93,000 times and has received 200,000 likes.

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Because it’s not just romantic dinners and strolls at sunset that go along with saying “I do.” It’s real life, every day moments like this one. Where one spouse is willing to do what the other cannot. . . even if that means breaking out the hot curlers!

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