High School Custodian Honored for Being the Heart of the School Gives All the Glory to God

high school custodian ray bethea honored

High school custodian, "Captain" Ray Bethea, has made a true difference in the lives of those around him. And when Community High School in Swannanoa, North Carolina, honored him with a special surprise, the humble man quickly pointed the spotlight for his good deeds back on God!

Good Morning America came to the school to honor him. Ike Ejiochi, one of the GMA hosts opened the door to a meeting Ray was attending. He pulls him out of the meeting and Ike talks to Ray, saying, "Everyone says that you help make this building feel so much more than a school." He then walks Ray into the gym where many people are standing and holding signs of love.

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Ike points out that students, colleagues, and even Ray’s wife are gathered in the gym. And all are there to let him know how much they love and appreciate him.

The video goes on to talk about how Ray is a "Ray of Sunshine" to the high school and the people he sees each day. They started calling him "Captain Ray" after he bought a captain's hat and started wearing it every day.

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School Honors High School Custodian Ray Bethea

The video then shows different students and other adults who have been touched by Ray's kindness. Lyric, a student, says "If you're feeling down and need somebody to talk to, Mr. Ray is definitely the person to go to."

The video goes on to share how Mr. Ray helps students and faculty alike, from helping a new young girl who had just lost her father, to a teacher who needed a little extra support.

Mr. Ray is truly there for the students and faculty. We go back to the gym where the principal gives some words of kindness about him. Ike then asks an important question about where his spirit and energy come from.

Ray responds, "Well I just have to give God the glory because again that's where it started for me." Ray tears up a bit and the crowd cheers for him again. Then, GMA lets Ray know that they are sending him and his wife to Las Vegas to see Lionel Richie with a two-night stay at Cesar's Palace.

From the whole video you can tell how much Ray is appreciated and giving the glory to God makes this story one of the best. Ray is truly showing the spirit of God to those around them and everyone is better for it.

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"I have glorified you on the earth: I have finished the work which you gave me to do." – John 17:4

WATCH: Beloved High School Custodian Gives All The Glory To God

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