Hospital Nurse Breaks Down While Getting Brutally Honest About What She’s Seen On The Frontlines

hospital nurse crying adrienne johnson

An overwhelmed hospital nurse broke down in tears while describing what she’s seeing as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. These frontline heroes need all of our prayers!

As our world grapples with the global pandemic of the coronavirus, many are staying home to self-isolate.

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But there are also those who venture out each day to serve their communities from the frontlines. These brave men and women are risking their own safety to protect others and assist in combatting the effects of COVID-19.

While it is noble work, it also takes its toll. And after one hospital nurse vented online, her heartfelt message ended up reaching thousands.

What The Frontlines Really Look Like

According to KSLA reporter Domonique Benn, the overwhelmed hospital nurse from the video is Adrienne Johnson from Louisianna. She decided to record a message while taking a break during her shift, so others could get a glimpse of the reality behind the hospital walls.

“The virus is real. I see it with my own eyes,” a tearful Adrienne tells the camera, regarding coronavirus. “It’s attacking people.”

The hospital nurse goes on to explain how patients are going weeks without seeing their loved ones and how many are dying all alone. And she says watching it all play out takes a huge emotional toll on her.

“I can’t sleep, I’m barely eating — because you’re just seeing it destroying lives. . . and there is nothing that you can do,” she sobs.

The work is so hard, Adrienne battles the urge to quit. But she recognizes the important role God has given her as a hospital nurse.

“But I know if they don’t have nobody, they got me,” she says. “And God didn’t put me in this position, He didn’t put me in this place and time, for me to give up.”

Adrienne Johnson tearfully pleads with viewers to stay home and to love on their family. And her emotional video is a powerful reminder of who the real heroes are in this world.

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Please say a prayer for all the truly essential workers who keep showing up in order to keep the rest of us safe!

WATCH: Hospital Nurse In Tears Over Impact Of Coronavirus

After her video went viral, some folks expressed concern over the fact that Adrienne was touching her mask throughout the video. The devoted hospital nurse thanked them for their concern and assured everyone she immediately discarded the mask after filming her video and put on a new one before seeing any patients.

But the flood of prayers, emotional support, and encouraging words Adrienne received as a result of her video has made a huge impact on her.

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“I stepped away and came back to so much Love! I need it and I appreciate everyone!” she wrote on Facebook. “Thank so much! My heart is touched!”

h/t: Facebook/Caring Is Sharing

Featured Image: Facebook/Adrienne Johnson