Fed Up Teacher Blasts Parents Online (And Gets A Response She Never Expected)

inspirational story about a teacher's online rant

A fed up middle school teacher who’d finally had enough vented her frustration on social media. But she never expected the response she got in this inspirational story about a teacher’s online rant!

Julie Marburger always dreamed of becoming a teacher. But two years later, that dream began to resemble more of a nightmare.

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The 45-year-old middle school teacher says she’s fed up with the disrespect she gets from both students AND their parents. Her frustration finally came to a head one day after an incident that left her “unable emotionally to continue.”

Inspirational Story About A Teacher’s Online Rant — Fed Up

When Julie tried to discipline a student in her class, the child called his mother right then and there. Julie says the mom then rudely told her off in front of the students. And that’s when Julie realized she’d simply had enough.

“I have already made the decision to leave teaching at the end of this year, and today, I don’t know if I will make it even that long,” she said following the incident.

Julie went home and wrote a lengthy post on Facebook. She vented about the disrespect she endures day after day through gritted teeth.

“Parents have become far too disrespectful, and their children are even worse,” she said.

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She posted pictures from her classroom, showing how students regularly damage items with no regard. These are items she’s forced to purchase herself because she’s been given no classroom budget.

“Teachers are some of the most kind and giving people I have ever met, yet they get treated so disrespectfully from all sides,” she says.

It’s no secret — teachers typically don’t make much money. Passion is what drives them (not getting rich). But Julie says the lack of support from parents and administration makes it impossible to do their job. And eventually, the disrespect and criticism eat away at their passion.

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In her online rant, Julie says:

“Report cards come out later this week, and I have nearly half of my students failing due to multiple (8-10) missing assignments. Most of these students and their parents haven’t seemed to care about this over the past three months, though weekly reports go out, emails have been sent and phone calls have been attempted. But now I’m probably going to spend my entire week next week fielding calls and emails from irate parents, wanting to know why I failed their kid. My administrator will demand an explanation of why I let so many fail without giving them support, even though I’ve done practically everything short of doing the work for them. And behavior in my class will deteriorate even more. I am expecting this because it is what has happened at the end of every other term thus far.”

The main thing driving all of the disrespect boils down to the self-entitlement currently promoted within our society.

“People absolutely HAVE to stop coddling and enabling their children,” she says.

And Julie’s not the first (nor is she likely to be the last) to make this point.

Inspirational Story About A Teacher’s Online Rant Goes Viral

Julie’s post was the result of someone hitting their breaking point. She figured a few people would read it and half expected folks to get mad at her, especially parents. But to her surprise, the fiery post quickly went viral with comments supporting her message coming in waves from all over the world!

"I was worried after this kind of blew up all over Facebook that people would be offended by it, and what I found is that I’m getting more support now," she said.

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While Julie never intended (nor expected) her post to get so much attention, she’s realizing she tapped into a frustration teachers from all over the country are feeling. As a woman of faith, she knows God can use her story to bring about change. And she’s reconsidering her decision to leave the teaching profession altogether.

In an update to her original post, Julie outlined three areas where she hopes her rant encourages growth:

  1. Education reform
  2. Accountability for our children
  3. A societal focus on manners and respect



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