For Jeanne Robertson, Age Is Just A Number But She’s Got A Hilarious Story About Forgetfulness

Jeanne Robertson age and forgetfulness

Clean comedian Jeanne Robertson, age 76, realized she may be forgetting things as she gets older. And it was a funny chat with her limo driver that brought it all to light!

For decades, Jeanne has shared so many funny stories about her life and the antics that she always manages to get into.

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Through the years, we've all come to love her goofy husband, Left Brain, and that unmistakable Southern drawl. This funny lady always leaves us laughing and this recent story is no different.

Jeanne Robertson On Old Age And Forgetfulness

Jeanne's career takes her all over the nation on speaking engagements. This is Jeanne's passion and she absolutely loves sharing her unique sense of humor with others. Even at the age of 76, Jeanne Robertson chooses to continue to visit cities and perform.

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Recently, Jeanne traveled to New Orleans for a speaking event. During that trip, the organization sent a limousine to pick her up from the hotel. That's when she met a young driver named Stewart.

With a 15-minute drive ahead of her, Jeanne decided to strike up a conversation with Stewart. As a college student, Steward worked as a driver to earn money on the side. He’d been doing the job for the past 2 years.

That's when Jeanne commented on how Stewart has probably seen a lot of funny things in his 2 years of driving. And the response that Stewart gave had the whole crowd laughing at loud!

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Jeanne always gives us a good chuckle and this story was no exception. What do you think about Jeanne and her forgetfulness as the years go on?

WATCH: Funny Conversation With Limo Driver

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