Comedian Jeanne Robertson Shares Her Funny Response To Being Called Old

jeanne robertson

Jeanne Robertson is back to give us more laughs with another hilarious conversation about getting older. She sure knows how to find the comedy in everything!

For decades, Jeanne has shared so many funny stories about her life and the antics that she always manages to get into. Through the years, we've all come to love her goofy husband, Left Brain, and that unmistakable Southern drawl.

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This funny lady always leaves us laughing and this recent story is no different. Jeanne's career takes her all over the nation on speaking engagements. This is Jeanne's passion and she absolutely loves sharing her unique sense of humor with others.

Even at the age of 76, Jeanne chooses to continue to visit cities and perform. But at one recent event, Jeanne was in for quite the surprise at a ‘millennial's' reaction to her age. This fan-favorite comedian is known for sitting down in a rocking chair during her speaking engagements.

Jeanne Robertson’s Hilarious Response To Being Called Old

For this unmistakable Southern woman, it's a trait that suits her routine. However, an employee at the event was so confused by Jeanne's age and working situation that she just had to make a comment. And the result that followed had everyone rolling on the floor in laughter.

While some people may have gotten offended, Jeanne turned the whole situation into a hilarious story that everyone is getting a kick out of.

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What about you? What did you think of this ‘over the hill' comment from the younger employee? You can see this clip and more funny jokes from Jeanne on her latest video, "Rocking Humor."

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