Jeanne Robertson Goes To See A Plastic Surgeon And His Reaction To Her Droopy Eye Is Too Funny

Jeanne Robertson Plastic Surgeon Funny Story

When Jeanne Robertson asked a plastic surgeon about her droopy eye, she certainly wasn’t expecting the response he gave. But her funny short story is great for a laugh!

Jeanne Robertson starts off by talking about her assistant, Toni.

Toni has been running Jeanne's office for 39 years. And naturally, after this amount of time, the two have a very close relationship.

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One day, Jeanne Robertson asks Toni to call a plastic surgeon. The comedienne admits to Toni that she's thinking of getting plastic surgery.

The reason for this is because she feels like one of her eyes is getting droopy. But Toni comes back with a quick-witted and hilarious response.

"You can pull that face straight if you want to, but your elbows are going to give you away."

The audience starts cracking up after Jeanne delivers that line. Then she goes on to talk about what happened once Toni made an appointment for her at the plastic surgeon's office.

Funny Reaction To Jeanne Robertson’s Droopy Eye

Jeanne says that the plastic surgeon ensured her that her eye was perfectly fine and that it didn't need any work done to it at all.

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"I didn't look at your eye at all," the surgeon told Jeanne. "I thought you were here about your neck."

After she said that line and gave the audience an unamused look, the crowd erupted in laughter. That Jeanne has a way of telling her life stories in the most delightful and hilarious ways!

"Humor, good for what ails ya!" writes one person on YouTube. "Jeanne, your humor is God-sent."

Another person comments on YouTube about Jeanne's humor and gives a nod to her husband, which she refers to as "Left-Brian" in her comedy skits.

"Jeanne, thank you! You have a wonderful sense of humor and such a talent for telling a tale," writes the person on YouTube. "I start to chuckle every time I see your name! And thank your dear husband Left-Brain too, for being an excellent foil and comic muse! I relate to him more than I care to admit!"

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Laughter is contagious and it is great to see that Jeanne is still delivering those laughs by the boatload!

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