Mom Carries 26-Year-Old Son with Disabilities on Her Back Across the Globe to Fulfill Promise

niki antram

Niki Antram not only carries the world on her shoulders, but she also carries her son, too. She is an incredible and dedicated mom who is determined to give her son the best life possible. From Bali to Hawaii, this mom carries her 26-year-old son with disabilities on her back across the globe to fulfill her promise to him.

Like all moms, Niki wants to give her son the best life possible. She ensures all his needs, wants, and dreams are met because she promised her son when he was born, she would give him the best life possible.

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Niki Antram became a mom at seventeen. She waded through the challenges of being a teen mom. But she also took on the challenges that came with her son Jimmy's disabilities and unique needs.

Jimmy is blind and has other physical and mental disabilities. In spite of these challenges, Niki decided her son would get to travel the world anyway. So far, he's skied the slopes of Perisher, hiked through rainforests, ridden in helicopters, and even had the chance to ‘swim' with crocodiles. And his mom has plans to take him to Canada and Australia.

Inspiring Mom Niki Antram Carries Son Across Globe

When people ask about how Niki is able to accommodate her son's needs, she says, "’I have worked out how to piggyback Jimmy while pulling my suitcase and carry on through an airport until they give me a wheelchair we use until we board the plane."

And Niki Antram counts herself blessed that her son has the same taste for adventure she does.

She adds, "I will with Jimmy find ways to get him the best and most adventurous life, and most of the time, it’s the simplest things that he loves the most."

Devoted Mom Helps Son Live His Best Life

Even when they are home, Niki Antram is dedicated to making the world shine for her son. She gets up early to clean his sheets, make breakfast, and get him ready for the day. Then she takes him for a bike ride or if they go for walks, she has him ride piggyback.

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She says she doesn't have time to be sad that Jimmy is blind or can't communicate like she does. Instead, she stated, "Sometimes I ask myself how can I be sad when I see Jimmy, who has never seen colours, clouds or rainbows and he is just sitting with a smile."

She added, "He’s my inspiration. "He’s always happy, smiling."

If the hand that rocks the cradle makes the world go round, Niki Antram is the hand to adventure, dedication, and love for her son. May we all take something from her incredible story of motherhood. No matter the challenges, we can draw on the strength of God to continue to find joy!

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"Her children arise and call her blessed." Proverbs 31:28

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