Kathie Lee Gives Hoda A Final Gift As She Leaves Today Show And Hoda Is In Tears

kathie lee gives hoda gift painting

In their final ‘Favorite Things’ segment, Kathie Lee Gifford gives Hoda Kotb a parting gift as she prepares to leave the Today show. Watch the emotional moment where the thoughtful painting left Hoda speechless and in tears!

Kathie Lee and Hoda have spent 11 years hosting the fourth hour of The Today Show together. So, at the end of 2018, when Christian celebrity Kathie Lee announced she was leaving, it shocked plenty of folks.

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Many of Kathie Lee’s colleagues, whom she considers family, responded to news of her departure with sadness. And after making so many on-air memories together, Kathie Lee’s absence will be most deeply felt by her co-host, Hoda Kotb. This duo has truly become a staple in so many homes across America.

As her final days draw near, Kathie Lee Gifford has been taking a look back at some of her favorite moments as a beloved television host. And when it came time for her final ‘Favorite Things’ segment with Hoda, Kathie Lee knew just how to make it special. Kathie Lee gives Hoda a parting gift she’ll never forget!

Hoda Cries When She Sees Parting Gift

The cameras were rolling as Kathie Lee walked over to a large object covered by a drape.

“What do I get my Hoda for eleven years of the joy and honor of sitting next to you?” she asked. “I know you love it when I give you paintings."

Next, they pull the drape off of the surprise. Kathie Lee gives Hoda Kobt an incredibly thoughtful painting that left Hoda overwhelmed with emotion.

As it turns out, Kathie Lee utilized a local Nashville artist to create a painting of Hoda Kotb and her daughter, Haley Joy. Underneath the painting were the words ‘My joy is non-negotiable.'

The lovely gesture brought Hoda to tears. She embraced her dear friend in the tightest hug!

Thank goodness the cameras were there to catch the tender moment Kathie Lee gives Hoda Kobt this precious gift. And as more tears started flowing, Kathie Lee motioned to cut to a commercial break to give everyone a chance to collect themselves.

These two, strong women have shared so much together. And while we wish Kathie Lee all the best, it’s safe to say she’ll be greatly missed at the Today Show table.

Thankfully, another beloved Today Show correspondent, Jenna Bush Hager will be right by Hoda's side for the new fourth hour.

WATCH: Kathie Lee Gives Hoda The Sweetest Gift

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