Photographer in the Right Place Captures Terrifying Moment in Iconic ‘Kiss Of Life’ Lineman Photo

kiss of life lineman photo

Rocco Morabito, a photographer was in the right place to capture the terrifying moment of the iconic ‘Kiss Of Life' Lineman photo. And the story behind this cherished image is truly inspiring!

In 1967, it was a hot July day in Florida when J.D. Thompson and Randall Champion were doing routine work on the power lines. The hum of air conditioners could be heard in the background as they climbed the power poles.

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J.D. was working about 400 feet away from his co-worker Randall when everything went wrong. J.D. recalled, “He got a hold of the hot wire with his four fingers,” Thompson recalled, “and [the electrical current] came out his – I think it was the left foot. And it blew a hole where it came out his foot.”

The amount of electricity that went through Randall's body was more than what is used for the electric chair. J.D. rushed over to his partner and immediately began providing CPR on Randall. His lifeless body hung upside from the pole but J.D. knew every second counted and he didn't have time to haul Randall to the ground.

“I was putting air in him as hard as I could go,” he said. “And also trying to reach around him and hit him in the chest. And, all at once, he came to.”

Photographer Snaps ‘Kiss Of Life’ Lineman Photo

At that moment, Rocco Morabito was in the area due to a strike by Florida East Coast Railroad. Rocco captured the moment when J.D. provided the famous, ‘Kiss Of Life.'

J.D. doesn't feel like a hero. He only did what was necessary for his friend. No matter how J.D. sees it, he gave his friend additional decades of life before Randall passed away at 63.

It was an incredible moment forever captured in a black and white photo. We praise God for surrounding both men with his presence and healing power. We can trust God that all the days of our lives are in his book of life and we won't perish before our time.

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"For You have delivered my soul from death, indeed my feet from stumbling, so that I may walk before God In the light of the living," Psalm 56:13.

WATCH: Photographer Captures Terrifying Moment in Iconic ‘Kiss Of Life’ Lineman Photo

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