Lenny Kravitz Opens Up About 9 Years Of Celibacy And His Profound Experience With God

lenny kravitz celibacy

Considering the morals in Hollywood, you may not expect Lenny Kravitz and celibacy to go hand-in-hand. However, after facing some hard truths about himself, the rocker decided to make major changes to his lifestyle, saying, “It’s a spiritual thing.”

Born to a Christian mother and a Ukrainian-Jewish father, Lenny Kravitz actually didn’t grow up in a very religious home. However, when he landed in an infirmary as a child, he met another young boy who began talking to him about Jesus.

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The faith-filled conversation led to an incredibly deep moment in which Lenny experienced God like never before. It was something Lenny Kravitz never forgot for the rest of his life and played a role in his later commitment to celibacy.

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After his encounter with Jesus, Lenny started attending church. But just because Lenny found faith, it didn’t mean he lived a perfect life.

Lenny Kravitz married Lisa Bonet in 1987, but the two later divorced in 1993. Following his failed marriage, Lenny made headlines for various romantic conquests, including a brief engagement to actress Nicole Kidman.

However, Lenny felt guilt over his worldly treatment of sex and romance, recognizing his actions didn’t line up with his Christian beliefs. And that, combined with a defining moment from his past caused the rocker to have a change of heart.

What Brought Lenny Kravitz To Celibacy

Lenny had a difficult relationship with his father, Sy Kravitz. And things became even more tense when Lenny uncovered his father’s adulterous ways.

“I brought it into the light,” he said. “It was quite intense and heartbreaking.”

However, Sy’s response when Lenny’s mother asked him what he had to say to his son haunted the singer for years. Rather than explain himself or apologize, Sy looked Lenny in the eyes and said, “You’ll do it, too.”

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“He became right,” Lenny said of the time following his divorce from Lisa Bonet. “After the marriage, I became more like him. I was becoming a player. I didn’t like it. I didn’t want to be that guy. So I had to tackle that and it took years.”

Faced with the realization that his worldly desires were leading him astray, Lenny decided it was time to change his ways.

For Lenny Kravitz, celibacy didn’t come easily or go smoothly at first.

“It took years to get it right,” he explained, “to actually do it, and really try to walk the walk and not just talk it.”

But after another casual intimate encounter, Lenny finally made a vow to both God and himself — one he’s been determined to maintain ever since.

“I remember waking up in the morning thinking, ‘What am I doing?’" the singer recalled of the day he truly committed to celibacy. “And that morning I was just talking to God, as I do, and I said, ‘You got to help me to stop this. I just really want to stop this.’ And that was the day that it changed.”

Keeping The Faith

For Lenny Kravitz, celibacy is a way of honoring his faith.

“It's a spiritual thing,” he explained.

The commitment Lenny made has been both challenging and rewarding.

“It's not like it's not important – I think sex and intimacy and all that is very important,” he said. “It's just that I'm going to do it with my wife. And not everybody else.”

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Nearly a decade after making his celibacy vow, the 60-year-old has kept his promise to abstain from sex. And in today’s world, that’s truly inspiring to see!

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