TV News Anchor Who Was Willing to Wait Gets Married for the First Time at 54

wendy griffith cbn married for the first time

TV anchor Wendy Griffith from CBN got married for the first time at 54 years old. And she explains why she was willing to wait so long.

Wendy Griffith, a television news journalist with Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), writes about the value of waiting and trusting God in her book, You Didn’t Miss It!: God’s Best is Worth the Wait. Released in October 2023, her third book is based on her own story of finding love and marrying for the first time at 54. It serves as a follow-up to her second, You Are a Prize to be Won!: Don’t Settle for Less Than God’s Best from January 2014.

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The two books together tell the story of how God rewarded Wendy's patience and provided just the right partner for her at the proper time. However, the waiting was hard, and Wendy experienced times of great loneliness before hearing God's reassuring voice telling her to trust in His good timing.

Having already worked ten years in journalism, reporting, and broadcasting in local markets in Illinois, Arizona, and West Virginia, Wendy Griffith landed at CBN in 1999.

However, before starting at CBN, Wendy experienced a transformation in her spiritual life.

Wendy Griffith Of CBN Surrenders To Jesus

Though Wendy had given her heart to Jesus at the age of 12 while at church camp, she had not "fully surrendered" her life to Him. She'd spent her early 20s enjoying typical college activities-cheering for her school, guys, and partying-but it was an on-air experience when she was 28 that led to a deep relationship with Jesus.

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Wendy told Woman Alive, "I had a panic attack on air, and I was fearful of losing my job. I realized that I could not do it alone! God wooed me in that time – I was a stubborn case for a while."

Prior to joining CBN, Wendy Griffith moved regularly and found it difficult to establish relationships. And, when she was hired by CBN, she traveled and reported on stories all over the world.

Wendy was comfortable with marrying a little bit later in life, but, as time went on, she began to wonder if she would find someone. She was 46 when she met a man whom she believed was the one God planned for her. However, he proved unwilling to commit to Wendy and unwilling to treat her well. The two split and Wendy found it very painful. Though tempted to return to the relationship, Wendy knew she'd be settling for less than she deserved if she did.

The Decision To Wait

Following the breakup, Wendy received support from her co-workers and wisdom from her boss, Dr. Pat Robertson. Wendy recalled his words to her, "Wendy, you are special. You are beautiful, and you are talented. Don't throw yourself away!"

It was during this time that Wendy heard God speak to her. "I was going for a walk, and I heard him say clearly: ‘You didn't miss it, it's not too late. You are a prize to be won.'" Inspired by God's words, Wendy Griffith wrote You Are a Prize to be Won! as an encouragement to other single women waiting for the truly right person to come along.

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She understood the danger of allowing low self-esteem or feelings of loneliness to cause women to accept a man who might not measure up, and she wanted to impress upon those ladies that God has only the best planned for his children.

While waiting, Wendy Griffith of CBN enjoyed life. She took up hiking and climbed several of the world's most prized peaks. And it was during one of those expeditions that she asked her friend Jenna if she knew anyone she might introduce to Wendy. She certainly did. Soon after, Wendy met Bill Susewind on a double date with Jenna and her boyfriend.

Married For The First Time At 54

Fast forward to February 2019, and Wendy (54) married Bill. Wendy admits it wasn't love at first sight, but she allowed Bill to pursue her during those months when she waited on a sign from God that would confirm she'd met her husband.

Of those waiting years, Wendy says "It's not punishment; it's preparation."

Good things come to those who wait on the Lord!

The CBN veteran shared with Woman Alive, "Bill is definitely God's best for me. We are so well-matched. It is worth waiting on God, but I am not saying waiting is easy. Bill and I believe that our story is to remind people that it is never too late. Good things can happen late in the game. Keep hold of hope."

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"Such things were written in the Scriptures long ago to teach us. And the Scriptures give us hope and encouragement as we wait patiently for God's promises to be fulfilled." Proverbs 15:4

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