Iowa Man Wins the Lottery, Then Gets to His Car and Realizes He No Longer Has the Ticket

lottery winner in iowa

An Iowa man wins the lottery, then gets to his car and realizes he no longer has the ticket. Where could it be?

In a plot twist that could only be divinely scripted, an Iowa pastor’s journey to winning the lottery took an unexpected detour that left us questioning how he could have left this winning lottery ticket behind!

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The Lottery Winner in Iowa Won $500,000

Meet Kevin Frey, a 64-year-old pastor whose recent escapade with Lady Luck had more twists and turns than a Sunday sermon.

Picture this: Kevin, usually the epitome of calm and collected, was positively beside himself after discovering he had won a staggering $500,000 from a scratch game. “I was so excited and flustered that I left the ticket inside of the Casey’s store and went out to the car and started calling everybody,” Kevin confessed.

We know God provides for all our needs, and we rely on him, especially when things are tight, but we are all left scratching our heads, wondering how Kevin could forget the ticket.

His Excitement Caused Him to Forget

Apparently, in his jubilation, Kevin did leave the store without the ticket. Like Jonah, who was unexpectedly swallowed by a giant fish, Kevin’s forgetfulness left him equally dumbfounded. Kevin’s excitement over his lottery win seemed to momentarily cloud his judgment, causing him to leave behind his ticket.

Kevin dashed back into the store, fervently praying for divine intervention. And lo and behold, lottery luck continued to be on the pastor's side as the clerk handed over the ticket with a sheepish grin, just glad to be part of the divine comedy unfolding before her.

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He Found His Ticket

The lottery winner in Iowa found his missing ticket!

“She was so flustered, she forgot to give it to me the first time. So, we finally got it on the right page,” Kevin shared, his relief palpable enough to rival the joy of discovering an extra piece of pie at the church potluck.

As Kevin joyously claimed his prize and dreamt of future plans to retire near family in Des Moines, he couldn’t help but chuckle at the absurdity of it all.

At that moment, the lottery winner in Iowa realized that sometimes, God’s blessings come in the most unexpected-and uproariously funny-ways. And if anyone asked, he was adding a dash of excitement to his Sunday sermon. After all, who needs a sermon illustration when you’ve got a winning lottery ticket left behind at the store?

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“And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus," Philippians 4:19.

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