Lucille Ball’s Son Shows Up During Johnny Carson Interview & Her Reaction Says So Much

Lucille Ball's son surprises her on Johnny Carson

Lucille Ball’s son, Desi Arnaz Jr., paid his mom a surprise visit right in the middle of her interview with Johnny Carson. And Lucille’s reaction just goes to show mothers never change!

Lucille Ball made a name for herself as the title character on the sitcom, I Love Lucy. Week after week, we followed along as Lucy got herself into the silliest situations along with her husband, Ricky, and neighbors Fred and Ethel.

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This beloved show became a staple program for so many. And it cemented Lucille's place in history.

Following the success of I Love Lucy, Lucille starred in a series of other shows and formed the wildly successful Desilu Productions.

Even decades later, she remains one of the most iconic names in Hollywood with numerous awards and honors.

Today, we're taking a look back at a 1974 interview with Lucille Ball on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

Lucille Ball’s Son Pays A Surprise Visit

In this classic clip, Lucille Ball speaks about her family and two children. At the time, both kids were grown and on their own.

That's why it was such a welcome surprise when Lucille Ball’s son, Desi Arnaz Jr. showed up on the set. The smile on Lucille's face says it all as she lights up seeing her son in person!

However, as is the case with most moms, that joy quickly transitioned into questions about Desi Jr.’s personal life and whether or not he was keeping his room clean.

“Mothers never change, do they?” Johnny joked.

The sweet clip has been viewed over a million times already and the number is growing. One viewer wrote, "And all of these years later we still love Lucy." Another said, "Stars like Lucille Ball will never be duplicated."

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Seeing all of these legendary stars in one room is just what I needed today.

WATCH: Classic Johnny Carson Clip With Lucille Ball

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