Man Has Folks Sobbing As He Pops the Question to High School Sweetheart 60 Years Later

marriage proposal at airport - man pops the question 60 years later

During a beautiful marriage proposal at the airport, a man pops the question 60 years after meeting his high school sweetheart. Life took the two in different directions when they were younger, but now this gentleman isn’t wasting any time since reuniting with the love of his life!

Marriage, and the exchanging of vows, is a fantastic, life-long commitment between two people who love one another. The wedding ceremony is one between individuals who promise to stay together through the good and the bad. But before the bride can walk down the aisle to her groom, a particular question must be asked first.

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A video posted on social media captures the moment one man proposed marriage to the love of his life. The man's sweet words had everyone within earshot of the unique moment in tears at the Tampa International Airport.

Marriage Proposal At Airport 60 Years In The Making

The short, 3-minute clip begins with the older gentleman giving the woman flowers, a bouquet of roses. He then plants a kiss on her lips and asks her to take a seat in front of him.

After the woman finds a seat, the gentleman pulls out a blue box. It's unclear what piece of jewelry is in the box. They exchange words, but those are also not discernible. However, those mysteries do not diminish this sweet moment at all.

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Seconds later, the man places a knee pillow on the ground, kneels and pulls out a piece of paper with prepared words. It's now clear to everyone what is about to take place. We’re about to witness a marriage proposal at the airport!

Before he pops the question, he goes through their long, personal history that spans six decades.

"My dearest Nancy, it's been 60 years since we first met," the older gentleman says. "Fifty-six years since we first dated and 10 years since I saw you last and 20 days since we began. You have always been the one I've had a crush on since your cheerleader days."

As the man goes through his prepared words, he picks up quite the crowd. Several travelers stop and take in the marriage proposal at the airport. Many even take out their phones to film the man popping the question to the woman he loves.

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1 Corinthians 13:13 "But now we still have faith, hope, love, these three; and the greatest of these is love."

WATCH: Man Pops The Question 60 Years Later

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