Christian Musicians Credit Bible App For Saving Their Marriage

Mary Mary’s Tina Campbell Says Bible App Saved Her Marriage

From the outside, Mary Mary’s Tina Campbell and her drummer husband, Teddy Campbell, seemed to have it all. But while their music careers were huge successes, their marriage was falling apart. That is, until a popular Bible app helped the couple connect with God’s Word in a way they say changed everything!

Trouble In The Midst Of Success

Tina Campbell makes up one-half of the Grammy Award winning gospel duo Mary Mary. Her sister, Erica, is the other half. The sisters have enjoyed great success, and even have their own reality show, “Mary Mary,” on the WE channel.

“We have been blessed to have a platform where we can share Jesus with many people who would otherwise not be interested,” Tina said.

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But the drawback to such success is that Tina was forced to deal with some pretty personal issues, such as her father’s death, while the cameras were rolling. But another personal matter made public by the show was Tina’s crumbling marriage to Teddy Campbell.

Teddy is a talented drummer who has played for “American Idol,” the “Tonight Show” with Jay Leno, and toured with Christina Aguilera. But as Teddy and Tina’s careers put more and more demands on them, Tina discovered her husband had been unfaithful.

Tina talks about discovering Teddy’s indiscretions with Steve Harvey below:

It was a devastating blow, one that appeared as though it would tear them apart.

“The devil was playing in my head [with] all these no good thoughts. ‘You’re no good for your kids, you can’t even sing the gospel because you don’t even believe in it and God doesn’t love you,'” Tina recalled. “Every night was a night of torment. Every day was a day of sadness. I didn’t know this person that I had become.”

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Finding God’s Promises

Tina regularly spent time with her physical Bible, but found it difficult to understand.

“Alone it was a source of frustration because I didn’t get it,” Tina said.

It’s a struggle many Christians face. Finding the right translation can be tricky.

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But then Tina turned to the YouVersion Bible App. And there she discovered the power of God’s Word and the promises it holds for us.

“I didn’t just find silence for the devil, silence for the noise and torment. I found life for every aspect of my existence,” she said.

And what it did for Tina and Teddy’s marriage is nothing short of a miracle!

Hear Mary Mary’s Tina Campbell and her husband, Teddy, give their testimony in the video below:

No matter how faithful, we will still face many trials and tribulations. But God’s Word is chocked full of promises that are just as true today. Promises of how He will renew, restore and transform us. Whether it’s through an app, a devotional or the physical book itself, be sure to turn to the Bible daily!

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