Dad Can’t Help but Cry at Son’s Military Academy Graduation and It’s Such an Emotional Moment

military academy graduation

A son’s military academy graduation moved his father to tears in this proud moment.

All parents desperately want and hope for the best for their children. However, when children grow up and head out into the world, parents have less control over determining what is best for their children. At that point, children make their own decisions and choices. They are the person ultimately responsible for the direction of their life.

But, even after children move out and leave the comfort and protection of their parents, Mom and Dad still want their children to be happy and prosperous. Isn't that what all parents want for their children? A parent cannot ask for more if the grown child is happy and safe. Most parents will be beside them with unconditional love and support, whatever the child does.

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A video posted on YouTube displays this level of love and support from an obviously proud father. The clip shows a sweet and emotional interaction between a father and his son.

The young man in the clip has just graduated from the Virginia Military Institute. The father and the son greet one another by placing a hand on the other's shoulder.

Military Academy Graduation Moves Father to Tears

The father is beaming with pride over his son's accomplishment.

Seconds into the video, tears start flowing from the father's eyes. He removes his glasses and wipes his eyes. The two finally share a long and loving embrace.

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The video's description states that this was a rare show of emotion for the father. The young man pointed out that this was only the second time in his life that he'd witnessed his father shedding tears.

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What an absolutely beautiful moment between father and son. Both will remember and cherish it for the rest of their lives.

Psalm 103:13 "As a father has pity on his children, so the Lord has pity on his worshippers."

WATCH: Father Moved To Tears As Son Graduates From Military Academy

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