Bus Driver Rescues Baby Boy Wandering Busy Street Alone

milwaukee bus driver saved a toddler walking alone and barefoot

Everyone is calling Irena Ivic a hero after this Milwaukee bus driver saved a toddler walking in the middle of the street all alone, barefoot in the freezing cold.

Irena Ivic is a driver with the Milwaukee County Transit System. On the morning of December 22, 2018, Irena was on her route when she spotted something terrifying.

Milwaukee Bus Driver Saved A Toddler

Irena saw a barefoot toddler running down the sidewalk on a highway overpass. There was no adult in sight. And as soon as Irena saw the young boy outside in the below freezing temperature, she knew she needed to stop and help.

This brave woman pulled the bus over and ran over to grab the baby!

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“I’m just grateful I was in the right place at the right time,” heroic bus driver Irena Ivic said.

Authorities say he was less than a year old. Cameras on the bus and road capture Irena picking up the boy and bringing him back onto the bus.

The sight of the child wearing just a onesie shocked the passengers. One woman offers her jacket while the bus driver wraps him up in her arms.

milwaukee bus driver saved a toddler walking alone and barefoot

Credit: Facebook/CBS News

Everyone waits anxiously for authorities to arrive, but during that time the young boy falls asleep in Irena's arms. It is obvious that he was looking for a safe place and he found it in this hero bus driver's embrace.

Thank God Irena was aware of her surroundings and stopped. Who knows what would have happened to this lost child otherwise.

I'm so glad that there are still great and compassionate people in this world that go out of their way to help others. Prayers for this boy that he gets the love and protection that he deserves.

WATCH: Heroic Bus Driver Comes To Barefoot Toddler’s Rescue

Hero bus driver rescues baby boy wandering around in the cold alone

HERO BUS DRIVER: This woman is being hailed as a hero for rescuing a baby boy found wandering alone in the cold, without shoes 💙 https://cbsn.ws/2CcvwEf

Posted by CBS News on Friday, January 11, 2019

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