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Silent Choir’s Performance Left The Audience Saying ‘Hallelujah’

Silent Monk Choir Gives Incredible Performance Of 'Hallelujah'

High school talent shows are usually the same thing singing , dancing, magic, and comedy. But this choir came up with something way way better than that! They decided to ‘sing' the choral classic ‘Hallelujah'. But they weren't planning on singing at all.

Silent Monk Choir Gives Incredible Performance Of 'Hallelujah'

credit: youtube.com

Instead each member of this monk choir got a sign with a word on it. And they lined up in order. Each dawning a monk-like robe that covered their face, when they took the stage they looked rather ominous. But then the music started to play. These kids held up their signs in perfect timing with the music.

Silent Monk Choir Gives Incredible Performance Of 'Hallelujah'

credit: youtube.com

I was already impressed by their timing , but as the song went along the words got faster and faster. And by the time the song was near the end these crazy kids were using their hands and feet to make this act work! Oh my gracious I have no idea how they pulled this off. Can you imagine how long this must have taken to get right?

Credit: Sally Mathes

We've seen some very impressive talent show acts like the brilliant synchronized swimming act from these clever fifth graders. How they manage to swim on dry land truly amazes me!

And this super talented third grade version of Motown's Jackson Five group. These kids have some seriously impressive moves!

But these incredible silent monk choir takes the cake as our all time favorite. It is no wonder the crowd jumped to their feet in applause as soon as they were done. This is truly incredible! Way to go kids.

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Credit: Youtube/BBC