A Cappella Group Performs Incredible Version Of ‘Life Is A Highway’

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Musical group, Home Free is an award-winning a cappella group. The group consists of five amazing vocalists and they are known for being the world's first all-vocal country band.

They often take songs you know and love and give them a unique a cappella twist. The talented group performed a cover to ‘Life Is a Highway' and it was an astonishing performance! The fun, upbeat song was originally sung by artist Tim Cochrane. The Rascal Flatts gave it a new twist that inspired Home Free. So, they decided to give it a shot. And it was amazing!

The Rascal Flatts did their cover for an animated children's movie called "Cars" and everyone loved it so much it became an instant country classic. The Home Free guys loved it so much they just had to do their own version.

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The music video shows them on tour driving from city to city having a great time. That is what the song is all about. Being on the road and enjoying their life. And Home Free sure did do a good job at relaying that message.

The five talented musicians sing together so flawlessly. It is remarkable that they did not have any music playing. All of the sounds came from their own mouths and their skill is almost unbelievable! They are really feeling it! And you can tell that the audience is enjoying the performance also. Everyone is clapping, dancing, and rocking to the beat. These harmonies are wowing me!

WATCH: A Cappella Music Group Home Free Performs ‘Life Is a Highway’

Credit: Youtube/Home Free

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