An Abused Toddler Was Admitted Into The Hospital When Her Live Changed Forever

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When a toddler was admitted to the hospital, a nurse knew exactly what she had to do. This nurse adopted abused twin little girls and gave them a loving, forever home.

A 14-month old little girl named Delilah was brought into the children's hospital after being severely abused. She suffered broken bones, a fractured skull and had a ton of bruises all over her body. When Jess, the nurse who was taking care of her saw her, her heart immediately broke.

She got so emotional over that that someone would do such a thing to a sweet, innocent child. But what tugged Jess's heart was when Delilah grabbed Jess's finger. She fell in love with the precious, lifeless little girl. Jess knew that she wanted to take her home and give her the love and care that she deserves.

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Jess wanted to adopt Delilah and she got on it right away! That is when she learned that Delilah had a twin sister named Caroline, who was also admitted to the hospital. Jess knew that she just had to adopt the both of them, and that's exactly what she did. Jess is filled with so much joy. She has always wanted children and never knew that adoption was the route she would take. But after meeting these two girls, everything changed.

The twins her malnourished and not well taken care of at all. They have been through so much but now that Jess is giving them all the care that they need, they have flourished so much. They are now developing as they should and are reaching their developmental goals. Best of all they are happy and filled with so much joy and so much love.

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