Little Girl Waves To Police Officer And Gets A Heartfelt ‘Thank You’ Note

A Police Officer Surprised A Little Girl

Sometimes we forget just how powerful a simple smile can be. But one little girl got a special surprise after flashing a sincere grin at her hero — Officer C. Powell. The police officer surprised the 3-year-old sweetie with a heartwarming “thank you” note and a special present!

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A Simple Smile

Noelani Hatton‎ was in the Target parking lot when Officer C. Powell of the Seattle Police Department passed by.

“My three-year-old daughter jumped out of her car seat as fast as she could to wave to a local police officer before we headed into Target this evening,” she wrote on Facebook.

Noelani probably wouldn’t have given the moment much more thought if it weren’t for what she found when she returned to her car. Her daughter’s cheerful greeting brightened Officer Powell’s day so much that the police officer surprised her with a “thank you” note!

His note read, “A simple wave from a little girl can make an officer smile and have a better day. Thanks.” He also left a dollar bill for the girl’s “piggy bank” and her very own police badge sticker.

It was such a sweet gesture, Noelani shared it on Facebook, saying:

“Officer Powell, you made my daughter’s week! Thank you for all that you do!”

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The Difference A Smile Can Make

As you might expect, Noelani wasn’t the only one impressed by Officer Powell’s actions! In fact, he received so much praise that the police officer surprised everyone by writing a poem, which was posted to the Seattle Police Department Facebook page. It reads:

A Little Girl Smiles

A little girl waved at me and smiled as she and her parents walked away

Little did she know the effect that had on my otherwise somber day

I have never seen her before and may never see her again

But on this day she turned my frown upside down and into a grin

I don’t know her name so as way to say thanks

On the windshield of the pickup truck, I left her a note, a badge sticker, and a dollar for her piggy bank

We see so much that is negative in this time and space

Thank you little one for the wave and smiling face

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It’s easy to forget that it doesn’t take a huge effort to be the light in a dark world. Simple kindness can make a huge difference in someone else’s day!

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