She Had Her Baby Ten Weeks Early And She Finally Held Him

What a sweet moment of a premature baby finally held by his mom. And these first touches will touch your heart!

This sweet baby boy was born early and could not be held. He was born 10 weeks prematurely and after days apart from his mom finally got to hold him! Because of high blood pressure, his mom, Jessica was having a high-risk pregnancy. And after being on bed rest for about four weeks, she received shocking news at her doctor's appointment.

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The Doctor saw on the ultrasound that her baby was not growing. She was so worried. There was only one option that could potentially save her little baby boy's life. They had to deliver him as soon as possible. Jessica had to make that difficult decision and at 2ibs 1oz, the sweet baby boy, Hugo was born.

After a baby is born, most moms get to hold and cuddle with their babies. But Jessica could not hold Hugo for the first couple of days. Right after he was born, he had to be rushed to a NICU at Children's hospital. Hugo was getting the best care, but he was away from where Jessica was.

It was not until Jessica was discharged from the hospital that she got to officially meet her baby for the first time. When she held him she was so full of emotion. The moment that she had been waiting for has finally come. It is the most precious thing. Hugo is in for a lifetime full of love.

WATCH: Premature Baby Finally Held For The First Time

Credit: Youtube/Micheal Burritt

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