Father and Son Find a Real Safe Full of Money While Magnet Fishing and Know Just What to Do

father, son find safe while magnet fishing

A father and son came across a safe with nearly $2,000 while fishing and the two honest men returned the contents to the rightful owner.

Fishing is a hobby many people enjoy. Strapping on the fishing gear and grabbing the poles for a day full of bait and, hopefully, a few bites is a great way to relax. However, while many like fishing for bass, catfish or another sea creature, others prefer to catch something else entirely.

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Magnet fishing is as it sounds. It involves placing two large magnets into a body of water, hoping to come up with undiscovered treasure. For Kevin Tindale, 52, and his 15-year-old son George, magnet fishing has become a hobby, according to UpWorthy.

However, one day in early April 2022, the father and son duo in the United Kingdom saw an unexpected and massive return on their investment in the hobby. A video posted on YouTube shows the guys pulling a safe out of the water.

Once the guys managed to open the safe, the contents shocked the two fishermen. There were about $2,500 in Australian dollars (approximately $1,800 US dollars) and expired credit cards in the safe.

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Instead of keeping the items of their fishing outing to themselves, Kevin and George set out to return the money to the rightful owner. The Daily Mail states that the Tindales used the name on the old credit cards – Rob Everett – to track down the owner.

The Tindales returned the money to its rightful owner, Rob.

The Father and Son Returned the Nearly $2,000 To The Rightful Owner

It turned out that in 2000, Rob and his business were the victims of a robbery. The thief, later caught, had thrown the safe into the body of water where the Tindales were magnet fishing.

Rob was blown away by Kevin and George’s show of honesty and integrity.

“For me, I just felt there are some really nice and good people in this world," said Rob. "They could have kept the money. They could have said they attempted to get hold of me."

For Rob, the Tindales' move helped to restore his faith in humanity.

"They wanted to return the contents and the goods to the rightful owners. And I think that says a lot about humanity," he added.

But that's not where the story ends!

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Rob, so moved by their honesty and kindness from Kevin and George, gave them a small reward. Also, Rob offered 15-year-old George an internship at his wealth management company.

What an amazing example of integrity, honesty and kindness!

"Better is the poor man whose ways are upright, than the man of wealth whose ways are twisted."Proverbs 19:1

WATCH: Father and Son Find Safe With Money In It

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