Father-Son Singing Duo Earn Simon’s Golden Buzzer

Father-Son Duo Get Golden Buzzer from Simon

Jack and Tim are the simply the most talented father-son duo. This 12-year-old has been singing with his dad since he was just 5 years old. And one of Jack’s most favorite things to watch on television is Britain’s Got Talent. So imagine how thrilled he was when this father-son duo get Golden Buzzer from Simon!

Today, these musicians are taking their talents all the way to the big stage to try and win the entire contest. Their precious audition was a heartfelt song about how blessed they are in their lives with all they have including being surrounded by their loving family. Jack’s mom and sister were cheering from the audience, and they weren’t the only ones showing the love for this duo! No sooner had they started singing when you could hear the crowd starting to cheer. The audience could barely contain themselves and wait ’til the end of the song to applaud. The two were that good!

Part of what made their audition so good was the emotions their beautiful song stirred. Their song’s touching lyrics are beyond heartfelt. The two wrote it together to share how they felt about losing loved ones too soon.

Lucky Ones Lyrics Excerpt

Til’ your eyes can’t see
I’ll be all you need
Put your hand in mine
Stay here by my side

We’re the lucky ones
Only just begun
Others leave too young
We’re the lucky ones


It’s obvious this stay-home father and his son share a very special bond — it’s completely evident in their music. Even some of the judges were tearing up at this pitch-perfect performance. No wonder they earned a standing ovation from everyone in the audience. But when it came time for judging, Jack and Tim were absolutely shocked when Simon stood up and pressed the golden buzzer. Young Jack teared up in disbelief as his dad literally fell to the floor, overcome with emotion. I’m so glad they are moving on to the semi-finals because I can’t wait to see them perform again!

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Credit: Britain’s Got Talent

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