Gravity-Defying Aerial Dance Earns Golden Buzzer

zurcaroh Gravity-Defying Aerial Dance Earns Golden Buzzer

This acrobatic dance troupe traveled all the way from Austria to audition for America’s Got Talent. The members of Zurcaroh knew that this talent show was one of the biggest in the world so they wanted to compete with the best. Not only are the acrobatics jaw-dropping, but the members of this dance group are NOT professional dancers! You’ll be amazed by this gravity-defying aerial dance.


credit: YouTube

The group prides itself on its inclusiveness — allowing anyone to join them, regardless of their dance skill or level. But these talented performers are far from amateur. These young men and women definitely bring a whole lot of talent to the big stage.

At one point, the members all join hands to create a human wave effect while a few of the dancers were pinwheeled around 360 degrees, making it look like they were doing cartwheels in midair.

Then the real showstopper came when one young dancer was thrown in the air, spinning mid-flight to be caught like a trapeze artist by another dancer. But these dancers don’t have any nets!

Just watch as they seem to defy gravity with their incredible aerial routine that had me on the edge of my seat.

Zurcaroh - Golden buzzer - America's Got Talent

credit: YouTube

I think I was holding my breath when they tossed one of those girls up in the air. I know this routine must’ve taken so much hard work and practice but it truly paid off for this group. After their performance was over, host Tyra Banks couldn’t contain herself.

She walked out onto the stage and then to the judge’s booth where she hit the golden buzzer sending Zurcaroh all the way to the live shows. I can’t wait to see them perform again!

WATCH: Zurcaroh – Golden Buzzer Performance on America’s Got Talent


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