Man’s Inspirational Story Is What Makes His Golden Buzzer Elvis Audition So Special

barry darcy elvis audition - inspirational short stories

Singer Barry Darcy wowed the judges on Ireland’s Got Talent with his Elvis audition. But it was Barry’s real-life inspirational story that truly made the moment so special.

It’s always entertaining to see the talents contestants bring to the stage on shows like Ireland’s Got Talent. But things went from entertaining to emotional as soon as 38-year-old Barry Darcy started sharing his inspiring short story.

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"To be honest, it's a bit of a sad story,” Barry said when asked why he was auditioning. "It's quite difficult for me to talk about it. I thought I’d never sing again."

Contestant Shares His Inspirational Short Story

One morning when Barry Darcy woke up, he just fell flat down onto the floor as he got out of bed. His legs wouldn’t work.

It turns out, Barry suffered a herniated disc in his back, which has crushed the main nerve controlling his legs. Suddenly, Barry found himself paralyzed from the waist down. And his doctors didn’t know if anything could be done about it.

“They gave me a fifty-fifty chance of ever walking again,” Barry explained, “and I took it."

Barry’s journey wasn’t easy. But God blessed him with a family devoted to supporting him.

barry darcy elvis audition - inspirational short stories

Credit: Ireland’s Got Talent

“My wife, she took everything on her shoulders while I was getting better," Barry said.

With his loving wife and children by his side, Barry miraculously overcame his paralysis. And he wasn’t going to let anything stop him from singing again!

Barry Darcy’s Inspiring Elvis Audition

And now that he’s pursuing his dreams, he chose the famous Elvis Presley song ‘The Wonder of You’ to honor the support he received from his family.

"I’ll guess I’ll never know the reason why

You love me like you do

That’s the wonder

The wonder of you"

Barry's incredible voice and inspirational story easily had just about everyone in tears. And he completely wowed the judges.

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“It was just brilliant, you put everything into it,” judge Denise Van Outen said of the performance. “Your vocal was just fabulous. This is truly deserved.”

But Barry’s audition went beyond moving judge Louis Walsh. Before anyone could say a word, he stood up and pressed the coveted golden buzzer. This sent Barry Darcy straight through to the next round!

Clearly, Barry is on the Ireland’s Got Talent stage for a much bigger purpose. His inspirational story just goes to show how God can use the trials and tribulations in our lives to make us stronger. And we can’t wait to see what God has in store for Barry Darcy next!

WATCH: Barry Darcy’s Elvis Audition Earns The Golden Buzzer


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