An Attempted Break In Turned Into An Opportunity For Forgiveness And The Story Is So Inspiring

attempted break in

God uses us to help the oppressed in unimaginable ways, and in this case, an attempted break-in turned into an opportunity for forgiveness. This is such an inspiring story!

Show me where in the Bible it says, "God helps those who help themselves." As a matter of fact, it doesn't. Instead, the Bible says in Psalms 116, "God takes the side of the helpless."

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But when young man Rashawn Turner was down on his luck and hard-pressed to care for his sickly father, he decided to take action.

Man’s Surprising Response To Attempted Break-In

While Rashawn attempted to break in at a non-profit that helps the poor, he was caught in the act by city councilman Ralph Rodriguez. Rashawn managed to get away. But guilt ate at Rashawn.

He then decided it was time to face the consequences of his actions and contacted Ralph on social media to offer an apology. He was willing to turn himself in. "I have to be willing to face the consequences, and that is what I'm ready to do," he wrote to Ralph.

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What happened next is utterly stunning and inspirational. Instead of pressing charges, Ralph pressed for love and redemption.

He not only extended redemption and forgiveness for the attempted break-in, but he also gave Rashawn a job at the non-profit, on top of providing the precious resources he needed to help get Rashawn on his feet. Ralph understood deeply that poverty will push people to do things they would never imagine.

Getting The Full Story

Then Rashawn shared why he was desperate enough to become a burglar.

"I made a severe lapse in my judgment that night," Rashawn explained. "My father was struggling with basic needs and I was like, I can't sit here and just wait for what little we still have to be taken away. I have to do something."

But thanks to Ralph's infinite love and wisdom, he not only extended the hand of forgiveness but he extended a branch of compassion and friendship. Today Rashawn is incredibly grateful and filled with the fruits of hard work, honesty, and integrity.

May we look at this story as a chance to turn the other cheek when the opportunity arises. Ralph and Rashawn are tangible proof that we have no idea what someone else is through. May we be the person who gives love, grace, compassion, friendship, and empathy to another hurting soul.

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"In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven" Matthew 5:16

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