His Dog Was Stolen from His Yard But He Found the Culprit and Offered Help, Not Punishment

dog stolen from yard

A man had his dog stolen right from his yard. Once he realized she was missing, his heart broke, and he panicked to get the word out in hopes of finding his fur baby. He initially felt devastated and angry but wound up helping others in need in the end.

If you're a pet parent, you probably know the fear of a missing pet. Either it ran away, got lost in your house, or someone stole it. No matter how it went missing, it's traumatizing. And that's exactly what Brayden Morton felt when someone snatched his pup.

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He called it "one of the worst best nights" he has ever had.

Hunt For Dog Stolen From Yard

Darla, a 3-year-old shar-pei, sunbathed on the deck while her dad worked inside the house. A loud noise and gate sound made Brayden run outside to find Darling missing from her spot. He saw a truck speed down the road and realized she'd been stolen.

He said, "I thought she would end up being in a fighting ring or something worse. I thought she was gone for good."

After frantically posting information about the dog stolen from the yard — his 3-year-old shar-pei named Darla — he received a call from a blocked number. While sobbing, a woman confessed she stole his dog and couldn't live with herself for being a part of the dognapping.

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Brayden took the $5000 reward money with him to meet the woman and said he could tell that she was a drug addict. Instead of giving her the reward money, Brayden told the young woman about his battle with drug addiction and offered to pay for her to go to rehab.

Thankfully, she accepted his help. But Brayden knew he'd wronged someone while searching for Darla. So he decided to fix his mistake.

Making Amends

Brayden found the man that had sped down the road in the truck. He had rudely accused the man of being the culprit after his dog was stolen from the yard. He had even yelled at him. After apologizing to the stranger, Brayden and the man shared stories and bonded. The man was actually living in his truck with his two dogs.

He then told the man to follow him to a hotel and paid for a room for him and his dogs for an entire week. Brayden said, "I just wanted to help him get his feet back on the ground."

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We need more people in this world like Brayden - people that can forgive easily for even the most painful mistakes. People that share acts of kindness with others even if they're strangers. God bless Brayden and his two new friends for living the way God intended.

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