News Anchor Covering Story About A Stolen Dog Catches The Culprit While On-Air

stolen dog found by news anchor

During a live news broadcast about a stolen dog, Juliana Mazza of Boston 7NEWS spotted the thief and helped rescue the missing pet.

Of all the people to find the stolen dog, the woman reporting on the story by chance happened to be the heroine. And of all the times for the rescue to occur, this one happened while on the job. Juliana Mazza, a Boston 7NEWS reporter got a bad feeling when she saw a man walking a dog. This occurred just before she was about to go on air and report on the story of a missing dog.

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The man and dog stuck out in Juliana’s mind because the dog closely resembled the one described in her report. The match was a bit too close, a perfect match actually.

News Anchor Spots Stolen Dog

The dog had gone missing previously from a parked car in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Titus was the name of the missing pet, a German Shorthaired Pointer. The dog looks remarkably beautiful and would definitely stand out for most people.

Police reported that the man broke into the car on a Friday around 12:30 pm, taking the 13-month-old dog. Later, cameras captured images of the stolen dog and suspect.

Juilanna Mazza's quick thinking is what ultimately led to the dog’s rescue. She motioned to the cameraman to start rolling footage. Then she approached the young man under the guise of wanting to pet the animal. Who wouldn't want to pet such a pretty dog?

News Anchor Busts Dog Thief Gets On-Air

With the man and dog on camera, she began asking the stranger questions about the animal, questions he seemed to struggle to answer. With a changing story and weak answers, the news crew had seemingly caught a thief. Someone on their team phoned the police and they handled the rest.

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Crazy enough, not only does Titus look identical to the stolen dog in the police photo, but the man is dressed seemingly exactly the same too. A black mask, jacket, and jeans. He must not be into disguises.

The dog's owner was delighted to be reunited with Titus. They said, "I'm just glad that the person came back and I'm just glad that you guys were there. If anyone ever sees this who questions the value of media, social media, broadcast media, this proves it."

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Thank God for the solving of this crime and Titus’ safe return home. And thank God for the reporter who thought quickly on her feet and worked to solve a crime.

WATCH: News Anchor Catches Thief With Stolen Dog

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