Police Pull Over Woman After Folks Report Erratic Driving And Hours Later, She’s In The Hospital

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After receiving a report of erratic driving, South Carolina police officers pulled over Tamara Palmer. At first, they thought the 58-year-old teacher might be drunk. However, it turns out something else entirely was to blame!

Notice the red car in this video traveling in the passing lane. While it may not be going at an extremely high rate of speed, there are no stalls or slowdowns on the highway, and the car is moving at least as fast as others on the road.

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However, it isn't the speed that is the concern. It’s the report of erratic driving that had everyone concerned.

The car collides with the curb and median multiple times. It even looks like it might cross into another lane on the driver's side or the lane going in the opposite direction! The driver's blinker is also on as if to indicate a lane change, but she never makes one.

Cops Pull Over Driver After Report Of Erratic Driving

The video skips to the point at which the driver is standing outside the car and being questioned by South Carolina police officers.

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They ask her if she has been drinking, because this is their suspicion. They believe that she is driving impaired or drunk. She says that she has had a couple cups of tea, and it's almost as if she doesn't understand what they are asking.

When specifically asked about alcohol, the woman says that she's had none. In fact, she says she doesn't drink alcohol "anymore." She has an accent, so English may not be her first language. But, her response seems honest to the officers. And, when she talks about taking pain relievers for her headache, they decide to call an ambulance.

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Getting pulled over for a report of erratic driving probably didn't feel fortuitous to Tamara at the time. However, the officers' decision was a lucky break for the lady and an example of good instincts on the part of law enforcement. Most of all, it was a gift from God, our protector!

Doctors Find A Brain Tumor

When the driver arrived at the hospital, doctors located a brain tumor! The "crazy" lady driver endured an 8-hour medical procedure, and her life was saved!

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Had that report of erratic driving and subsequent traffic stop not happened, she might have killed herself and others on the road. Or, she might not have learned that she had a brain tumor in time to treat it. But, it did, and she was restored!

Months after the stop, the not crazy lady driver located the officers who detained her that day, and she thanked them for their intervention.

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WATCH: Folks Report Erratic Driving And It Saves Teacher’s Life

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