Rookie Cop Showed Up In Dire Situation And Knew Just What To Do For Choking Baby

what to do for choking baby rookie cop

A rookie cop showed up in a dire situation and knew just what to do for a choking baby!

In an emergency situation do you know what to do to save a life? One young police officer did!

Joe Chronister became a dad for the first time to a bouncing baby boy. He and his wife named the child Grady. The three-week-old newborn was having tummy troubles and Joe wanted to ease his discomfort by giving him anti-gas drops.

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Joe didn't think liquid drops would cause his son to choke. But they did. And when he couldn't get Grady to breathe on his own, he called for help.

23-year-old rookie police officer Cody Hubbard responded to the call. As a parent himself, Cody knew he needed to arrive on the scene as quickly as possible with God on his side.

"Pretty much the whole way there, I just prayed for the Lord to be on my side," he said. "When a family is depending on you like that, you know the pressure hits," he added.

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As Cody held the tiny newborn in his hands, he felt the severity of the situation. He wanted to get this baby breathing. And thankfully, the police officer knew just what to do for the choking baby!

What To Do For Choking Baby

Cody turned the Grady onto his stomach and administered a few firm taps on his back when Cody heard the sound he was praying for as Grady's lungs began to fill with air. As Grady finally began to breathe in – everyone, his parents, his grandma, and Cody all breathed out a grateful prayer.

When Grady's father was asked about that intense moment when the officer had Grady's life in his hands, Joe responded, "Got him breathing and got him crying, which is a good thing. He saved my baby's life."

Thankful to be of service, Cody left the scene and returned to his squad car. He then turned off the camera and cried tears of relief and gratitude because Cody knew God had used him in that situation to save a baby's life.

"I started just kind of bawling because, you know, it felt good to see how that turned out," he shared.

Cody, let me be the first to say thank you for your service and well done, good and faithful servant of our mighty God!

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"I cry out to God Most High, to God who fulfills his purpose for me." Psalm 57:2

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