Their Newborn Baby Was Turning Blue But God Put an Officer in the Right Place at the Right Time

newborn baby turning blue

A newborn baby turning blue is now safe and sound thanks to a special angel sent by God, Pittsburg Police Officer Kristin Mitrisin.

Can you imagine the terror a parent would feel while watching their newborn baby turning blue? Well, that’s exactly what Joe Schleicher and his wife experienced with their 12-day-old daughter, Olivia.

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Thankfully, though, God already had the perfect person in the right place at the right time to save this sweet child!

Right Place, Right Time

Joe Schleicher and his wife knew something wasn’t quite right with their newborn daughter, Olivia. So, they all hopped in the car and headed to the hospital. But before they could get there, things took a terrifying turn.

Olivia was very fussy during the ride. Then, her mother checked on her and realized something was horribly wrong with her precious child.

"She said, ‘She's not breathing. She's not breathing I have to get her out of the car seat,'” Joe explained. “And we were sitting at a red light at that point.”

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Olivia’s parents were frantic as they saw their newborn baby turning blue. But just a few cars up from theirs sat Pittsburg police officer Kristin Mitrisin. God had put her in just the right place at the right time!

“I heard beeping next to me,” Kristin recalls. She says, “I saw a male driver waving to me. I put down the window.”

After Joe and his wife flagged Kristin down, the officer immediately jumped into action. She took baby Olivia and started doing chest compressions. Another bystander stopped and brought Kristin the AED machine from her vehicle. As Kristen continued the compressions, the Good Samaritan used the AED machine to analyze Olivia’s heart patterns as the newborn baby was turning blue.

"Very scary to have your child in the back of a truck with AEDS on her and she started turning blue," Joe recalled.

At last, Olivia let out a cry. She was breathing again!

Police Officer Gives God The Glory

Officer Kristin Mitrisin helped the family get Olivia to the hospital, where she is now being treated for a heart condition that will require surgery. And she’s alive and able to get the treatment she needs all because of the special angel God placed in her path!

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The humble hero doesn’t want any of the credit. She was just doing what she’d been placed there to do!

“I just know that God put me there that day at that time to help that baby,” Kristin said.

WATCH: Police Officer Recalls Saving Newborn Baby Turning Blue

But of course, Olivia’s parents are incredibly grateful for Officer Kristin Mitrisin. They know their newborn baby girl who was turning blue wouldn’t be here today if Kristin hadn’t jumped in to help. They are hoping that once Olivia has recovered from her heart surgery, they can all reunite with the heroic officer.

"If the officer would be willing to meet the baby and meet up with us after she comes out of the hospital that's something we'd definitely be interested in. I feel like she may feel as proud as we are knowing that she saved the baby," Joe said.

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God gives each one of us talents and puts us in certain situations where we can use those gifts to help others. And we’re so glad He sent this police officer to save baby Olivia!

WATCH: Police Officer Saves Newborn Baby Turning Blue

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