Mama Doberman With A Huge Heart Adopts A Kitten With No Family Into Her Litter Of Puppies

doberman adopts kitten

In this positive news story, the cutest little orphan needed a mommy and this Doberman adopts the kitten without issue. The sweet mama welcomed the stray kitten into her pack of pups and it’s the most heartwarming sight!

Animal lover, Brittany Callan, found a lone kitten at one of her husband's worksites and didn't think twice about taking it home. But where would the baby fit in?

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Brittany knew exactly where the kitten would fit in - with a litter of six puppies. A 4-and-a-half-year-old Doberman Pincher named Ruby gave birth to the sweet pups about two weeks before the orphaned kitty came home. Luckily, Ruby had the maternal instinct for all babies, not just her own.

Doberman Adopts Kitten

The loving mama had cuddled babies of all sorts! She has taken care of baby bunnies, guinea pigs, chickens, ducks. Brittany said that Ruby "licks them like she's cleaning them, like she's their mother."

And just as Brittany hopes, the sweet mama Doberman adopts the kitten without any hesitation!

Before the kitten got settled in her new home, she needed a name, of course! They decided to call her Ramblin' Rose. How cute!

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Ruby first met Rose when Brittany held the 4-ounce fluff ball in her hands. She sniffed the kitten and must've immediately recognized her as a baby in need because she started licking her just like she would to clean her own puppies. Rose also caught on quickly and joined her puppy siblings during nursing time.

Just in case, Brittany also gave the baby some kitten formula to make sure she got all of the nutrients she needed to stay healthy and grow. After the Doberman adopts the kitten, Rose gained three whole ounces in the first week with her new family!

Just as she would carry her own pups, Ruby gently carried Rose by her scruff in her mouth around the house. Even Brittany noticed that mama would give a little extra attention to the kitten.

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The playful pups hardly realized the difference between themselves and their feline-sister. She was welcomed during mealtime, nap time, and playtime!

Unfortunately, little Ramblin' Rose won't be able to stay with the Dobermans for too much longer. The Callan family's other dogs aren't as cat-friendly as Ruby, so they've already found a relative to adopt the honorary Doberman kitten.

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A rescued kitten AND a pile of puppies?! Could there be a more wholesome story? Humans can definitely learn a bunch of important lessons from the unconditional love that some animals show one another. Ruby is quite a special mama.

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h/t: USA Today

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Brittany Callan