Senior Dog Gives Her Human a Look to Let Her Know ‘It’s Time’

senior dog gives a look

Grab the tissues. A senior dog gives her human a look to let her know, ‘It's time.'

Dogs have a way of becoming our best friends and supporting us in every moment with the time we are blessed to have with them. But we all know their time will come to an end, and we will lay them to rest with our hearts filled with treasured memories. It's one of the hardest things pet owners will ever do.

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Stacey Has Poured Her Heart Into Happy Tails Rescue

In a truly paw-sitive act of compassion, hospice foster caretaker Stacey Herrick shared a heart-wrenching moment when her beloved terminally ill dog let her know it was time to cross the rainbow bridge.

For the past five years, Stacey has poured her heart and soul into Happy Tails Rescue Retirement Home, a nonprofit sanctuary for senior dogs in Pennsylvania. Her journey with dogs began in 2001 when chronic pain led her to adopt a tiny tan and white puppy named Daisy.

“I went to a pet store adoption day and met a tiny little tan and white puppy who crawled up into my lap, crossed her paws and went to sleep. Her name was Emma,” she said “I was so grateful for all Emma brought into my life so I went to and volunteered for the shelter I adopted her from.”

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She Noticed a Lack Of Services For Senior Dogs

As Stacey’s furry family grew older, she noticed the lack of services for senior dogs. “Our rescue focused on younger dogs because they were more adoptable, but it broke my heart to see older dogs confused and ill in shelters,” she said.

Inspired by this need, she founded Happy Tails Rescue Retirement Home. This led her to another senior dog named Daisy. She came into her care in 2020 under the most poignant circumstances. Daisy had lost her owner and was suffering from Immune-Mediated Polyarthropathy (IMPA), a painful and debilitating joint disease.

“Daisy’s family reached out because they knew I could give her the care she needed,” Stacey explained. Despite her illness, Daisy’s spirit was indomitable. “She arrived able to walk a bit, but we got her a wheelchair, did acupuncture, swimming, and more. She was a trooper.”

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Stacey Gave Daisy A Few More Joyful Years

Stacey gave Daisy a few more joyful years with love and a combination of treatments. “She was happy until two days before she passed,” Stacey recalled. “She had a positive spirit, played with toys, and loved catching treats. She was truly the best dog.”

One day, Stacey noticed a change in Daisy’s breathing and a tired look in her eyes. It was then that she knew it was time to let go. Capturing the moment on video, Stacey paid tribute to Daisy on TikTok, where the clip garnered thousands of views.

“Letting her go was sad,” she said. “But I want to remember, and others to remember how precious and adorable and strong she was.”

Stacey’s story reminds us of the incredible impact love and compassion can have, even in the twilight years of our furry friends.

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Proverbs 12:10 “The righteous care for the needs of their animals, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.”

WATCH: Senior Dog Gives Her Human a Look to Let Her Know ‘It’s Time’

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