Mom Set Up a Time Capsule for Triplet Babies & Now They Finally Get to See the Treasures Inside

triplets open time capsule

A trio of siblings finally got to open the special gift and experience the moment created by their parents more than two decades earlier.

Parents are an extraordinary group of people. They literally give birth to and mold the next generation. They are patient, loving and kind with their children even when it can be difficult, to say the least.

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While children can be tough and wear on a parent's patience, childhood only lasts a few moments. However, a set of parents found a unique and creative way to cherish and commemorate their triplet's childhood, according to UpWorthy.

Jamie Poepoe, Scotty and Jonnie are triplets who recently turned 25 years old, according to The Epoch Times. Not only is that a milestone birthday because they are now all a quarter century old, but they were now able to open a special gift.

After the three children were born, their mother, Jamie, began creating a time capsule for the siblings, filling it with all sorts of items and other touching gifts. They all had strict instructions when it came to the time capsule, they were not to open it until they reached 25 years of age.

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However, while they weren't supposed to open the box until their 25th birthday, Jamie admits they slightly jumped the gun.

"We chose to open the capsule a week before our birthday, as it would be the only time in April that we would almost be all together," Jamie said.

In a Letter In The Time Capsule, The Mother Explained Why She Chose Age 25 To Open It

So, Jamie and Scotty opened the box while their sister Jonnie joined in on FaceTime. What they found was a collection of personal, heartfelt gifts and treasures.

The box contained bibs from the children's first birthdays, onesies their mother had made and a newspaper on the day they were born – April 21, 1998.

Their mother even took the time to write and include several letters to her children.

"In one letter, she shared that she chose for us triplets to have one time capsule instead of three in the hopes that it would bring us together on our birthday, "Jamie said.

Jamie also stated why her mother selected 25 as the age when her child could open the time capsule.

"She chose the age 25 since it was a very pivotal point in her life; she knew we would have made multiple big life decisions by now, and were about to make many, many more," Jamie added.

In a video posted to TikTok, Jamie captured and shared the special moment and gifts inside the time capsule with the world.

For Jamie, opening the time capsule was an emotional moment, which caused her to look back fondly on her childhood.

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"Seeing the capsule made me feel like the time we spent all together in the same household went by so quickly, and I wish I had not taken it for granted," she said.

"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it."Proverbs 22:6

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