Shaq Surprises Fan With A Random Act Of Kindness And The Man’s Reaction Is Priceless

shaq surprises fan

Recently at a basketball game, Shaq surprises a fan and gives him an expensive watch. And the fan was blown away by the act of kindness that he received!

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“I’m here at the Western Conference finals, and I’m about to do something special. I’m ’bout to give a fan this,” Shaq say in a video clip that he posted to his Instagram page. In the video, he points to his luxurious Invicta watch.

The next video clip that was shared online was of Shaq greeting a fan and shanking his hand. The fan is all smiles when he meets him. Then Shaq takes off his watch and tells the man that he wants to give it to him.

Shaq Surprises Fan At Basketball Game By Giving Him His Watch

The man is absolutely stunned! "What? My dad loves you," the man’s daughter can be heard saying off camera.

“Shaq, you don’t know, but you are my favorite man,” the man says. I can’t believe - First of all, brother, I’ve had three heart attacks, I’m alive, and I got to meet Shaq, and I got to meet Kenny.”

After the fan looks down at the beautiful watch that he has just been given, he looks back up at Shaq and shares how much it meant to meet him.

“It’s not the watch. It’s you, Shaq,” he says.

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What a sweet moment that this fan will never forget! And now he has Shaq's watch to commemorate the special interaction with!

WATCH: Shaq Surprises Fan At Basketball Game

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