10 Easy Ways to Share Your Faith with Anyone Without Embarrassment

how to share your faith with anyone - grandmother & grandson

Evangelism is more important than ever. In this world that is declining morally by the day, people need the Lord. But often we hold onto our conventional ways of evangelism even though those ways may not be effective anymore. Here are some simple ways you can share your faith with anyone!

When is the last time you shared with an unbeliever about your faith?

Here are 10 tips to incorporate evangelism into your daily life without feeling embarrassed or anxious.

Practical Ways to Share Your Faith – Know the culture

Our world has changed, even within the past five years. Are you aware of the cultural shifts in people's ways of thinking and seeing the world? Furthermore, people from different generations may think differently than you. Are you knowledgeable in the generations and the shifts in their thinking?

There are great resources and books that can educate you in where the lines are drawn in each generation as well as explain what was going on in the world that would have shaped who they are. Take the time to know to whom you are evangelizing. Blanketed statements and attitudes about how people feel and think are naïve at best. Take the time and invest in knowing the people around you. Speaking to them in a language they can understand is the first step in bridging the generational gaps.

Pray about sharing your faith

I know it seems simple, but prayer is a powerful weapon when we petition God's throne on behalf of those who don't know Him yet. Even if an opportunity hasn't presented itself regarding asking someone to accept Jesus as their Savior, we can still pray for God to soften their hearts and minds so they will turn them to Himself.

If you find you are not great at it, start a prayer journal. Ask God to reveal the people whom He has placed in your life to pray for. Write their names down. If the list gets too long, break up the list into segments and pray for a few people each day. There is no promise you will see the people you pray for achieve salvation here on earth, but through prayer you can hold onto hope that God can reach even the people that seem impossible to each-and it may change your heart as well.

How to Share Your Faith with Anyone – Write About Your Own Faith Story

As an author, my hope is that some of my writings will live on even after I'm gone. Yet, God uses the great writing of His disciples, the Bible, to tell His story of who He is and His great plan of salvation for all people. Whenever we write (whether secular or Christian) our worldview shines forth. We don't have to mention Jesus specifically to write stories and blogs that espouse Christian values. Things like the fruits of the spirit or virtues like honor and integrity came through because it is how we see the world, whether we speak about it specifically or not.

Therefore, if you are called to write blogs, articles or books, please be obedient to the call God has placed upon your life. One of the richest rewards I receive is when a stranger emails me and compliments me on how my writing has impacted their lives. I'd like to think I'm filling heaven with people whose lives were changed because of my obedience in writing God's message down for His people to carry to the ends of the earth.

How to Share the Gospel with Anyone – Practice hospitality

Hospitality is counter-cultural to our individualistic, superficial society. With social media where we can be anyone we want to be, Christians are used to putting on a mask and pretend everything is fine, even when our circumstances dictate otherwise. But when you invite someone over to your home (or go over someone's home), it levels the playing field in terms of how we view each other. This is probably why Jesus ate and drank in people's homes so often. After emptying himself and becoming like us while He was here on earth, He ate and drank with people to demonstrate He was one of them.

Similarly, when you invite someone over your house – particularly someone you are trying to get to know-you level the playing field between you. No longer can you pretend you are better than him/her. Plus, that person sees you in a more natural state. They may witness the dust on your bookshelves or the dirty laundry in your laundry room. The mask of perfectly pressed clothes and perfectly applied make-up is removed when we offer someone a seat at our table. When we practice hospitality, we tell others about Jesus without preaching a word because we demonstrate what it is to meet someone's physical hunger in order to eventually fill their spiritual hunger.

How to share your testimony effectively – Be authentic

Being the real you is key to reaching people for Christ. The millennial generation and beyond value authenticity. When Christians pretend their lives are better than they are with others, the more they perceive it as being hypocritical. Unbelievers want to be able to relate to you.

Therefore, share the good and the bad parts of your life. Share how you have failed, then offer hope about how God has extended grace when you didn't deserve it. Share about a time when you had to pay that grace forward even when you didn't want to or the other person didn't deserve it. Speak about the tangible ways in which people can live out the Bible in their daily lives and you will have evangelized more about Jesus than if you handed them a tract, or put up a prayer tent in your town's square.

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Share your faith testimony

In this post-Christian age, people are either ignorant or averse to hearing anything about God. It's fruitless to try to argue about God to others. However, the one thing people can't argue about is your story. In today's age, people are craving an experience with God. When you share your faith through a real experience, they can't help but believe it is true.

Your testimony is perhaps one of the most powerful tools you have for evangelism. Tell enough of those stories and people won't be able to help but want to experience God for themselves-just to see if He is real.

Make friends

The worst part of evangelism is not our fear of being rejected, but rather that we make people a project rather than building relationships for the Kingdom. Unbelievers can see right through ulterior motives if we only befriend them because we want them to convert to our way of thinking.

We share our faith with others when we care enough about people to be vulnerable and open with them about the experiences we have had with God. Don't worry about making them another salvation conquest. Rather, build legitimate friendships with people and eventually you will be able to live out what you believe through the example of the way you live your life.

Be the example

Paul speaks highly of Timothy when he says, "Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity (1 Timothy 4:13).” If you are not pursuing God with your whole heart, being anchored in His word and speaking and hearing from Him regularly, how can you expect anyone else to want to do the same?

Even when you don't feel like it, invest the time in prayer. Read the word even if at first it feels like you are checking off a to-do list. Go to the Lord when you are sad. Rejoice and thank Him when He gives you good gifts. Petition Him on behalf of those you love and want to experience the same.

Invite them to church

Again, this seems simple. But how many of us don't invite people to church on a regular basis because we didn't take the time to ask, or worse, be rejected if he/she says no?

While it is true some people whom we invite to church may never attend, what is stopping you from asking those around me to check it out for once or twice? Don't take it personally if he/she says no. Rather, take the risk and ask. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Also, sometimes people are more open to attending a function at your church rather than a sermon at first, and it’s ok to start there! Take advantage of board game nights, Christian concerts and church picnics by inviting friends to those. Once they’ve been welcomed by your church community, it may be much easier for them to say ‘Yes!’ to attending a sermon.

Teach – How to Share Your Faith Bible Study

Titus 2:3 says, "Likewise, teach the older women to be reverent in the way they live, not to be slanderers or addicted to much wine, but to teach what is good. Then they can urge the younger women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home, to be kind, and to be subject to their husbands, so that no one will malign the word of God." This verse goes on to instruct how men should teach younger men. I long for a church who institutes a mentorship program that successfully teaches younger women (and men) how to live lives worthy of the name of Christ. Part of the population of unbelievers is those who have walked away from the church community.

When young people have a support system of people who have lived in their shoes and faced the same challenges and take the time to invest in their lives, the church (and the people in it) are better off. Take the time to teach those in your church who need a teacher. You will plant the seed of the gospel in more hearts than you realize.

We all have a responsibility to tell others about Jesus. In this increasingly antagonistic world, though, this is becoming easier said than done. By incorporating these practices, sharing your faith with others will not only become a regular response but also be the catalyst for unbelievers to turn from their sin and toward the Savior.

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