Kirk Cameron Talks Social Media To Help Parents With Teens

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Living in a very social media- driven society, Kirk Cameron was inspired to produce a social media documentary. This documentary is to help parents become more aware of the positive and negative impacts of social media.

Kirk Cameron has five teenagers of his own and he has a 21-year-old young adult. So, he understands all about how important what it is like to watch his children actively engage in the internet life. Social media is not completely bad. But if it is mismanaged, it can cause a lot of conflict with developing young adults. It requires balance, and with raising teenagers, learning that balance is so necessary.

So Kirk Cameron's goal with the launch of this project to educate parents on the dangers of social media. He wants to encourage them to engage in interaction with their children. This will help teens from becoming so glued to their devices.

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Parents usually feel so disconnected from their teens, especially when it comes down to what they do online. But with the help of this documentary, parents will have a resource to help them establish communication. They will also be better equipped to lay down healthy boundaries with their teens. He even encourages befriending children on social media. Not to watch them as a hawk, but to form a bridge of communication with them.

He urges parents to stay connected with their kids. And that is why he titled the documentary, “Connect”. Kirk points out a valid fact that parents of the previous generation did not have teenagers who had access to the internet world. So, today's parents are dealing with something that has been an issue for a parent before.

And through Kirk Cameron's project, he hopes that parents know that they have support. And he hopes that they are prepared to deal with the challenges that may come from social media. How do you think this project will help families?

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Credit: Youtube/Today

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