Son Converts Basement Into Suite for His Aging Mother That Leaves Her in Tears

basement aging mother inspiring short story

This sweet, inspiring short story is all about a son who graciously takes care of his aging mother and father in their time of need. And what he does to his basement for them is so heartwarming!

Schon Miller is the son of Bonnie and George Miller. When Schon noticed that his parents were getting older and starting to slow down, he wanted to make sure that he could be nearby to check on them. Putting them in a nursing home was not an option that Schon wanted to consider.

His mother, Bonnie, had recently fallen and broken her shoulder. She also needs a wheelchair to get around. When Schon and his wife, Jeannie, started looking for senior living options for Bonnie and George, they knew it needed to be wheelchair accessible.

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Schon and Jeannie started searching for a home with an in-law suite. That way Bonnie and George would always be nearby for them to check on, but they could still live independently.

When Schon and Jeannie could not find a house that fit the needs that they needed for an in-law suite, they decided to take matters into their own hands. They ended up blowing a hole in their basement and completely redid the space for Bonnie and George! Such a generous and kind way to show their love to their parents!

A Basement Remodel For A Son’s Aging Parents

During the remodel, they removed everything from their downstairs rec room. The added a kitchen, bathroom, wood floors, a living room, and bedroom. They even made sure that the doors were wide enough for a wheelchair, and that the bathroom had bars and a seat in the shower to help aid their aging parents. They thought of everything to make this space the best place it could be for Bonnie and George!

When Bonnie sees her new living space, she breaks down in tears. She can't believe how beautiful it is and is truly touched. What an incredible surprise this is for Schon's parents!

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