9-Year-Old Performs a Stunning Dance Routine to the Song ‘Billie Jean’ by Michael Jackson

song billie jean by michael jackson

The iconic song ‘Billie Jean’ by Michael Jackson is stunningly danced to by a talented 9-year-old.

Michael Jackson was an immensely talented musician who enjoyed a highly successful career spanning decades, starting when he was just a child as a member of the Jackson 5. Eventually, Michael, for his many iconic and classic tunes, rightfully earned himself the nickname "The King of Pop."

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"Thriller," "Beat It," "Smooth Criminal" and "Bad" are just a few of his many hits. Michael could sing! In addition to his world-class vocal talents, Michael was known for his stunning, seemingly unbelievable dance steps. Who could ever forget the moonwalk?

Song ‘Billie Jean’ by Michael Jackson Danced to by 9-Year-Old

Anyone trying to replicate or imitate Michael's singing or dance moves has their work cut out for them. He's such an iconic entertainer whose presence still looms large over the entertainment world.

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In a clip posted on YouTube, one young man decided to take on the lofty challenge, performing a dance routine to Michael's timeless (and his best) tune, "Billie Jean."

The 9-year-old is decked out in a Michael Jackson-type out, complete with white socks, a sparkly jacket and a hat. Seconds into the clip, Billie Jean starts playing and the young man begins strutting his stuff, much to the crowd’s delight.

The young man must have repeatedly watched the "Billie Jean" video and other Michael Jackson clips because he has his moves and mannerisms down! If you didn't know any better, you could fool yourself into believing it was a miniature Michael Jackson dancing on that stage.

Several people hoot and holler at different points throughout the 1:47 clip as they show their approval. But cheers and applause really ring out loud when, at 1:25, the young man does the moonwalk perfectly!

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What an absolutely fantastic display of talent!

Psalms 149:3 "Let them give praise to his name in the dance: let them make melody to him with instruments of brass and corded instruments of music."

WATCH: 9-Year-Old Nails Michael Jackson’s Iconic ‘Billie Jean’ Dance Routine

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