Dancers Fall To The Floor And Then Mesmerize Everyone With Synchronized High Kick Routine

synchronized high kick routine emerald belles

The crowd didn’t know quite what to expect when members of a group called the Emerald Belles fell to the floor. But as the music switched to the classic song ‘Sweet Dreams’ and the dancers got up, their synchronized high kick routine left everyone in awe!

The Emerald Belles dance group hails from Texas, representing the talented dancers from Southlake Carroll Senior High School. The popular group shares their incredible routines all over the world. They’ve appeared in halftime shows and have even performed on cruises and at Walt Disney World.

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Take on look at this incredible high kick routine, and you’ll see just why everyone is talking about this group!

The synchronized performance has been going viral recently. But it’s actually from the 2017 Crowd Pleasers Dance Area Competition.

During the contest, the Emerald Belles held nothing back. They wowed the crowd as they moved in perfect unison to the haunting tune of ‘Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)’ by the Eurythmics.

Emerald Belles Move In Unison With Stellar Dance Routine

As the performance begins, the 80 dancers are spread out all over the floor. But after all but one of the dancers fall to the floor, the music changes to the opening chords of the Eurythmics classic.

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From there, the group gathers together and performs in perfect unison. The incredible skill really shines through as the young ladies flawlessly execute the superb choreography. Their well-timed movements are almost like an optical illusion!

The Emerald Belles come together to start a kick line as the impressive high kick routine continues. By the end, the crowd erupts in cheers and applause. It’s no surprise this mesmerizing performance earned the group the first place trophy!

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This talented group has been a Texas staple for decades. And after watching this, it’s clear they won’t be slowing down any time soon!

WATCH: Mesmerizing Synchronized High Kick Routine

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Featured Image Credit: Youtube/Emerald Belles TX