Emotional Shadow Dance Tells The Story Of A Boy’s Life On Britain’s Got Talent

shadow dance boy's life on britain's got talent

In 2013, Attraction took Britain’s Got Talent by storm with their unique and expressive form of dance. Now, they are back as champions with a shadow dance depicting the story of a boy’s life. And it’s mesmerizing!

We first met the talented Attraction group when they won the seventh series of Britain’s Got Talent in 2013. Their powerful performances had perfected the art of heartfelt storytelling, which regularly left judges in tears.

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Now, the Hungarian dance troupe returns to the Got Talent stage to prove they haven’t lost their touch!

Attraction Brings Their Shadow Dance Skills To America

Attraction is one of the 50 acts featured on America's Got Talent: The Champions. This is a special format showcasing acts who have won or appeared in previous editions of the show.

The participants come from all around the world. And now, they’re all competing for the ultimate winner’s title!

Attraction’s unique style of shadow dance easily won over the American crowd. And as the emotional performance tells the story of a boy as he goes through life, you can’t help but be moved.

The performance begins with the boy’s birth. The dancers then depict the child as he grows up in the USA, visiting various National landmarks. Watching as the shadows transform into incredible shapes dear to our nation, like the Statue of Liberty and a bald eagle, is truly amazing.

Clearly, a routine of this magnitude takes a massive amount of planning and preparation. Yet, the talented shadow dancers make it look easy!

It’s mesmerizing to watch as their bodies seamlessly mold together and transition into the next scene. In fact, judge Howie Mandel couldn’t help but praise the beautiful story told through this impressive shadow dance.

"I've never seen one more concise, more emotional. You just make my heart burst."

God certainly gifted these dancers with incredible talent. Seeing them use it to tell such an emotional story is such a blessing!

WATCH: Emotional Shadow Dance Tells Story Of A Boy’s Life

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