Kindergarten Teacher Takes 1 Look At Student’s Face Turning Blue And Jumps Into Action

teacher saves choking student

A kindergarten teacher saves the day when one of her 5-year-old students starts choking in the lunchroom. Thank God for her quick thinking!

The school year at Pleasant Ridge Elementary School in Charlestown, Indiana, certainly got off to a tumultuous start. On just the third day of school, the unthinkable happened.

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A young girl named Fallen Coleman began choking during lunch. Thankfully, though, under the watchful eye of her teacher, Chene Hunt, things worked out just fine.

Teacher Saves Choking Student

Chene Hunt, a new kindergarten teacher at the elementary school, was scanning the faces of her 26 students as they ate their lunches. And when her gaze settled upon 5-year-old Fallen Coleman, she instantly knew something wasn’t right.

“I looked at her,” Chene recalls, “her lips started turning blue and that’s when I knew she was choking.”

Little Fallen can remember that terrifying moment, too.

“It was hard to breathe,” the kindergartner said.

It must have been such an alarming sight. But Chene doesn’t panic or waste any time. She jumps right into action and the heroic teacher saves the day!

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“She started helping me. She gave me the Heimlich maneuver,” Fallen said after the harrowing event.

The maneuver worked and soon Fallen could breathe again. A trip to the nurse’s office confirmed that, while shaken, the little girl was unharmed.

Grateful To Hae The Right Person In Place

Fallen Coleman’s parents couldn’t be more grateful after hearing the kindergarten teacher saved their daughter’s life. They made a point to come to the school and say thank you.

“My heart just dropped to my stomach and it just scared me,” recalled Dustin Coleman, Fallen’s dad, of learning about his daughter’s close call. “But I was glad to hear she was okay. They were quick enough to relay that to me.”

As for the teacher who saved the kindergartner, she’s just glad she was there to help her student.

There’s no doubt Chene Hunt was right where God wanted her. This was only her third day as a kindergarten teacher. Before that, she spent 18 years working as a technician in an emergency room. And the skills from her previous job made her the perfect person to have on hand in a situation like this.

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“It was scary but I’m glad my training served me well. It also served her well,” the heroic teacher said.

“For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, that no one would boast.” Ephesians 2:8-9

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