Two Women Talk About Their Experiences As Teen Wives

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Ashley and Holly were both teen brides who struggled because they got married so young. You have got to listen to their stories.

Ashley was only 15, a freshman in high school when she was married to the husband that she is separated from now. She was pushed into an early marriage by her Aunt because she found out that she was pregnant two weeks prior to the day she got married.

Ashley was on the school bus to go home when her Aunt told her to get off the bus because she is getting married to her 18-year-old boyfriend. Ashley had no idea that she was getting married until it happened. Her aunt drove Ashley and her boyfriend to the courthouse where they exchanged vows that Ashley did not understand.

At the time, the now 24-year-old knew that marriage was not the best option for her. But because her aunt, who was her legal guardian provided a signature, Ashley had to get married. And things got really difficult for Ashley. She had to drop out of school because she was having a hard time balancing being a wife, a mom, and a student all at once. That is certainly a lot of pressure for a 15-year-old to take on.

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That is why Holly, who is a state legislator is fighting against child marriage. Holly has first-hand experience with situations like this also. Holly got married to her 21-year-old boyfriend, with her mother's permission when she was also 15-years-old.

She was trying to escape the environment that she was living in under her mother's care. Her mother had a mental illness and did not work. They lived a very impoverished life and Holly thought that marriage was her only way out. Holly also had to drop out of school because she got pregnant and had to take care of her mom.

Being a state representative, Holly is fighting to make it harder for teens to make the decision to get married so young. Most teens struggle financially from having to make a big decision like this. She believes that with more time, teens are able to make a more secure future for themselves. Her thought is that 17 is a more appropriate age for a teen to make a better decision, especially after completing high school. What do you think?

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