Teen’s Dreams Come True When He Wins A Playstation 5 But He Decides To Give It Away

wins a playstation 5

One teen's dreams come true when he wins a Playstation 5, but he decides to give it away.

Give it away? Yes, give it away.

Maybe you haven't heard. The price tag for the new Playstation 5 is a whooping $600. Giving away such an expensive piece of equipment would bother some, but this young guy is different.

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After he was given a Playstation 5, he saw an opportunity to bless someone else.

16-year-old Angel Otero was blessed when his mother won the game console through a raffle. Talk about every young gamer's dream.

Some have been fortunate enough to buy through private sellers and acquire the system for cheaper than $600. Angel's mom received one for FREE!

Still, Angel saw more than just an exquisite opportunity to game. He has a younger neighbor, Sonny Boyd, 10 years of age who is also battling cancer.

“Me being a 16-year-old kid, I was just excited to play it, but… I thought [about Sonny’s] happiness being at such a young age, and what he’s been going through."

Teen Wins A Playstation 5 And Gives It Away To Neighbor

Sonny is in a fight with brain cancer and recovering from a leg injury.

Angel shared, “I just think all the materialistic things aren’t important as the smile I could put on his face."

Sonny's mother didn't want to receive the game system without offering cash to Angel, and she did. Then he decided to do something marvelous with the cash.

“I wanted that gift to be from me to Sonny. So, I took the money, bought as many toys as I could. I will be donating them to my grandmom’s church.”

“I’m just keeping in mind all the hard things going around, the pandemic, all the struggles people are going through."

“If I could use my blessings and spread it with others just means the most to me.”

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May God bless this junior of Roman Catholic High School in Philadelphia. He must be learning something great about servitude at that school.

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